About “Of the Spheres”

Of the Spheres is a mixed reality art project inspired by the journey of NASA’s Voyager 1 probe into intergalactic space. 

The Of the Spheres project is focused on how emerging technologies provide new modes for communicating and experiencing planetary perspectives. Inspired by Voyager 1’s journey into intergalactic space, Of the Spheres explores contemporary understandings of our planet and the cosmos and our attempt to communicate human experience and work together globally.

The project began in September 2013, the year that NASA announced the Voyager 1 probe to be the first manmade object to enter interstellar space. Whilst this transition takes place at the very outer limits of our solar system, Of the Spheres explores the perspectives on the earth that space exploration gives us. In 2013 the Heliosphere performance ran in a 360 degree Projection Dome. Followed by work and experimental outdoor projections at the ACA Centre in Florida mixing the data that the Voyager 1 probe sent back with the contents of the Golden Record. 

 In 2018 there will be an outdoor Virtual Reality performance on connecting with the earth system. An adventure in going beyond the personal sphere of experience and saying hello to the unknown. We’ll lead audiences out onto the land and invite them to explore understandings of the cosmos – contemporary and ancient. And explore the state of this planet today through art, science and myth: what is it to live on earth during this decade when the full extent of the climate crisis is unfolding?

Of the Spheres invites input from creators in different places on earth to explore the connective potentials of ritual, communication and technology to work for the planet at this time. The project has spawned talks, events, texts, sensing workshops and transmedia performances investigating how 360 degree immersive media experiences can provide new modes of communication and relationship with the ecosphere and the spheres beyond our vision. 


Inspired by Voyager 1's journey into intergalactic space, Of the Spheres explores contemporary understandings of our planet and the cosmos and the human attempt to communicate with potential extraterrestrial life. The project has spawned talks, events, texts, sensing workshops and transmedia performances: experiments in going beyond our personal spheres of experience and saying hello to the unknown.
20/3 2015


Brighton Beach

14/9 2014

Journey to KOI:3284.01 with Hackcircus

51.542955,-0.022108 ( The White Building, Hackney)

15/9 2013

WORKSHOP: Open Sourcing the Heart

Phoenix Gallery

Learn more about the ideas and technologies behind using bio sensors in installation and performance work.

4/9 2013


Green Room, Phoenix Gallery

The artists will talk about the questions and research behind Of the Spheres and the open call out for publicly created content.