WORKSHOP: Open Sourcing the Heart

15/9 2013

Learn more about the ideas and technologies behind using bio sensors in installation and performance work. This workshop will look at practitioners embracing the possibilities that bio-sensor technology give us for communicating what is going on within the body in performance and art environments.  It also involves a practical workshop in which we’ll introduce participants to methods for working with heart beat.

Heart beat sensors are key to CHRΘMA’s projects at the Brighton Digital Festival 2013.  Across the festival we have opened a call out for people to get involved with CHRΘMA s project, Of the Spheres, an audio-visual experiment  exploring NASA’s Voyager 1 and the Golden Disc it is carrying out to intergalactic space.  The Disc carries a message intended to communicate human experience to possible alien intelligences.  The Disc contains a selection of images and sound files and also the biosensor data of Ann Druyan, one of the team to select the music for the Disc.  Her beating heart as well as the electrical impulses of her brain and nervous system were included with the idea that alien intelligences may be able to decode the signals. This workshop will go into the themes of this project by exploring the various possibilities emerging for using biosensor data to communicate internal experience in 2013.

Kate Genevieve // Ian Winters – 

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Inspired by Voyager 1's journey into intergalactic space, Of the Spheres explores contemporary understandings of our planet and the cosmos and the human attempt to communicate with potential extraterrestrial life. The project has spawned talks, events, texts, sensing workshops and transmedia performances: experiments in going beyond our personal spheres of experience and saying hello to the unknown.
20/3 2015


Brighton Beach

14/9 2014

Journey to KOI:3284.01 with Hackcircus

51.542955,-0.022108 ( The White Building, Hackney)

15/9 2013

WORKSHOP: Open Sourcing the Heart

Phoenix Gallery

Learn more about the ideas and technologies behind using bio sensors in installation and performance work.

4/9 2013


Green Room, Phoenix Gallery

The artists will talk about the questions and research behind Of the Spheres and the open call out for publicly created content.