An interactive, 360°
audio-visual experience

The Voyager 1 Probe has been sending its sensory data back to earth for over 35 years, giving vital insight into the nature of our solar system. But now that Voyager is leaving our solar system it still has one last important but uncertain task, to deliver a message. The Golden Disk on board the probe contains a collection of images and sounds from Earth (encoded on a vinyl). Its purpose: to give any future intelligence who discovers the probe a sense of who we are.

In Heliosphere, the first phase of the “Of The Spheres” project, we have taken data from Voyager’s camera, electromagnetic and plasma wave instrumentation, and mixed it with the contents of the record from earth that it carries. We are opening up the invitation to remix the Voyager contents to the public with a call out to the internet community to make their own images of their home and remixes of the songs compiled on Voyager.


Directed by Kate Genevieve
Produced by Kate Genevieve & Hannah Abdullah
Written by Kate Genevieve & Rachel Blackman
Performer: Rachel Blackman
Animation: David Packer
Sound Design: Wesley Goatley
Voyager Footage: Paul Hayes
Song Visualisations: Matt Pearson
Projection: Laurence Lush
Archive Producer: John Warburton
Water Worker: Mark Golding
Runic Typeface: Mille Kruse Thomey Damgaard

Special thanks to:

  • Janee Swann and Laurence Lush, Soul Dome
  • NASA
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • SETI
  • IOWA State University
  • WNYC Radiolab
  • Adam Freeland
  • Travis Drever, Mr Wolfe
  • Leander Deeny
  • Rachael Linton


Inspired by Voyager 1's journey into intergalactic space, Of the Spheres explores contemporary understandings of our planet and the cosmos and the human attempt to communicate with potential extraterrestrial life. The project has spawned talks, events, texts, sensing workshops and transmedia performances: experiments in going beyond our personal spheres of experience and saying hello to the unknown.
20/3 2015


Brighton Beach

14/9 2014

Journey to KOI:3284.01 with Hackcircus

51.542955,-0.022108 ( The White Building, Hackney)

15/9 2013

WORKSHOP: Open Sourcing the Heart

Phoenix Gallery

Learn more about the ideas and technologies behind using bio sensors in installation and performance work.

4/9 2013


Green Room, Phoenix Gallery

The artists will talk about the questions and research behind Of the Spheres and the open call out for publicly created content.