We too once lived in this house of stars, and we thought of you

2/6 2016

“We too once lived in this house of stars, and we thought of you”

Murmurs of Earth, Carl Sagan et al. 1978 

My question with this project is a simple one: what is communication?

The Voyager record emphasises the “homo musicus”: human beings sing as well as speak. The Golden Record is laden with music and sonic material as a mode to communicate the quality of experience and emotional dimension of being human.  

This showing of work is part of the Inside Out showing at the ACA Centre, a group showing by artists, writers & musicians on Residency 161.

You’re invited to a simple interactive experiment with projection and sound on the land where the Voyager probes were launched.  An exploration of time and the stars, at a point when Spacex rockets are being launched from Cape Canaveral and the tone, aesthetic and character of space investigation is shifting into a new phase. Communication is not a time capsule, but responsive: this project blends the future longed for in 1977 with the current moment. 




Inspired by Voyager 1's journey into intergalactic space, Of the Spheres explores contemporary understandings of our planet and the cosmos and the human attempt to communicate with potential extraterrestrial life. The project has spawned talks, events, texts, sensing workshops and transmedia performances: experiments in going beyond our personal spheres of experience and saying hello to the unknown.
20/3 2015


Brighton Beach

14/9 2014

Journey to KOI:3284.01 with Hackcircus

51.542955,-0.022108 ( The White Building, Hackney)

15/9 2013

WORKSHOP: Open Sourcing the Heart

Phoenix Gallery

Learn more about the ideas and technologies behind using bio sensors in installation and performance work.

4/9 2013


Green Room, Phoenix Gallery

The artists will talk about the questions and research behind Of the Spheres and the open call out for publicly created content.